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Product-Line-Icon-4Round Mate® strives to provide quality molding components at competitive prices. This price list will help you familiarize yourself with our products and pricing. Before placing any orders, we urge you to contact our customer service for current pricing and availability.

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Vertically Expandable

mold034-1160pxAre you thinking your cavitation need will grow? Do you need to get into production fast? Than or EX series is for you. The EX series frame and inserts are engineered to be promoted from a single position frame into a multi-position frame.  What if the production demands for a part shrinks? Why have a huge frame occupying valuable space in a large press? Move one of your multi-position insert sets into a single position frame and use a cheaper, smaller press.

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mold030-1160pxThe Micro series is offered to take advantage of today’s new, smaller, high precision molders like the Nissei HM-7, BOY and others. They are available in three and four inch series.

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Electrically Heated

117-1000pxAre you considering making the investment into LSR molding? Do you have any high processing temperature materials that you need to run? Are you looking to standardize your heated molds? Round Mate® has a system just for you. Our electrically heated frames incorporate a high performance heater band around the insert that allows for constant heat throughout the entire insert. The frame incorporates water cooling channels and thermocouples for precise control.

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Standard Single Position

mold038-1160pxSingle position six and eight inch insert sets and master frames are our most popular sizes. The frames are completely manufactured from 420 stainless steel and a built to extremely tight tolerances. The inserts are available in a variety of steel types and thickness to allow you ultimate flexibility.

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Single Position Options

Product-Line-Icon-2Our master frames are engineered with your needs in mind. The plates are manufactured with complete interchangeability and are warehoused as individual plates and not as assemblies. Guaranteeing interchangeability between every plate allows us to morph our single position master frame into various configurations. If you need three plate, clamp plates, water plates, cover unscrewing or to just replace a damaged existing plate, we can do it.

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System Components

Product-Line-Icon-1Being mold makers and molders ourselves, we have engineered components to make our lives easier and would like to offer you the convenience that we enjoy. We have machining fixtures, loading fixtures and high precision round interlocks.

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