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At our Kenton, Ohio facility, Pleasant Precision, Inc. extrudes plastic tube inside a Class 10,000 cleanroom and specializes in the manufacturing of tight tolerance medical tubing. Our state-of-the-art extrusion line is equipped with the latest of dies, closed-loop process controls, and in-line ultrasonic measurement.

PPI specializes in the extrusion of PETG for the medical device industry. We rigorously adhere to performance metrics of dimensional precision suchas inner diameter, outside diameter, concentricity, ovality and length. Our closed loop feedback control continuously monitors tube dimensions by snapping approximately 2,000 measurements per second.

We manufacture tubing that is less than 2 inches / 50mm and guarantee a process capability, CpK and CP of > 1.33. We maximize material savings and part quality through the following methods:

  • Reduced start-up time
  • Die centering at minimum wall specification
  • Part quality control through the use of SPC data
  • Continuous analysis of process trends
  • Alarming and discrimination if product deviation occurs
  • Servo controlled cut

PPI maintains a robust process for extrusion of thermoplastic tubing.

Details of Extrusion