Custom Seal Company

“PPI has created a system for us (through a bespoke version of the Round Mate tooling platform) that provides the flexibility of SMED tooling and allows for additional complex part designs. They did not shy away from this challenge; instead facing it head-on and putting their best minds on the project. PPI has always provided fair pricing, accurate delivery times and the highest quality tools. And – which matters most to us – they always stand behind their work.”

Ryan Webster – Director of Engineering, Hallite Seals

Chrome Plating Company

“When it pertains to decorative finishing, you want a molder who knows what it takes, can deliver on what they promise, is timely and reliable. We have found those attributes in Pleasant Precision. Their team is responsive, knowledgeable and quick to address any rare issues that occur. The quality of the parts we purchase speak for themselves. We continue to go to Pleasant Precision for molded parts for electroplating and have developed over the years a strong and professional working relationship. We highly recommend their services.”

Kevin Coleman – National Sales Manager

Aerospace Industry

“PPI has been a reliable and trusted business partner and supplier of custom designed injection mold tooling for 25 years. Their unique blend of proprietary tooling concepts and professional expertise surrounding tool design and fabrication set them apart from your average tooling vendor. The majority of our business over the years has utilized the “Round-Mate” system and allowed us to provide cost effective solutions while maintaining a competitive edge during bidding. Their consistent cost structure and lead time sensitivity have always enhanced our ability to win new business. In addition, PPI have always excelled at turning quotes around with a sense of urgency allowing us to submit bids in a timely fashion and on time per customer requests. Fortunately, for us their attention to detail doesn’t stop at the quoting phase. Each member of the PPI team has a thorough understanding of their role, and years of experience to match it, which really shows in the quality of their products. If you’re in the plastic molding world and looking for a long term reliable and trusted partner contact PPI and you won’t be disappointed.”

Mark – Sale’s Engineer

Filtration Expert

“I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank PPI and their team in writing for not only helping our company get back on track but also for going far Due to incapable suppliers, Septic Protector needed parts ASAP and a vendor referred us to Ken Jenkins at PPI. Even though this was a onetime order PPI not only agreed to fill the order, did so by running it on the weekend and delivered a full 10 days ahead of schedule.

We called PPI and explained what the situation was. Within a matter of days you had your entire crew at the ready to receive the molds/tooling and provided us with step by step progress reports. Although our canister mold needed repairs because of improper maintenance along with major slide modifications you had it done in six weeks and were delivering product.

What PPI did was nothing short of amazing and proves the value of having a manufacturer that is also a tool manufacturer AND has the skills and personnel to run it. Now we can actually implement our marketing plans to take our products to the next level.”

Jim VonMeier – CEO, The VonMeier Companies, Inc

Medical Device Company

“The Medical Company I have managed the Tooling shop for the last 15 years has used the Round Mate systems since 1987 and those molds still run every month. They are great molds and are perfect for JIT manufacturing. The mold changeover time is less than 15 minutes in most cases.

Pleasant Precision has built most of the mold inserts we run in the frames and they have always been excellent quality. We run standard open and close molds, single and double butterfly slide molds, unscrewing molds, both 6 and 8 inch and I have nothing but good things to say about the quality and the design of this system. Because of the cost and simplicity of this system, when implementing new products I always look to the Round Mate system first to see if the product would be a good fit.”

Dwayne – Tooling Manager