Reduce Lead time by 40%

By utilizing the standardized Master Frame and off-the-shelf blank inserts your design and manufacturing hours are reduced by 35%. The normal chase work is complete which allows you to immediately begin cutting cavity & Core detail.

Reduce Mold Cost by 35%

Round Mate has a unique water cooling jacket, cavity pockets and guided ejection system along with other standard features that reduce mold cost and delivery.


Mold Changeover in 10 minutes

Simple hex-key wrenches are used to change the mold in the press in just 10 minute.
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Reduced Cycle Times & Improved Part quality

The unique round design improves the uniform clamping pressure, balances the heat transfer and cooling, is completely self-centering and creates an efficient runner layout.

Improve Efficiencies with 10-Minute Mold Changes

  • Decrease Change-over time
  • Lower Production Costs