Round Mate®


Round Mate® is a modular molding system that is purchased by OEM Device Manufacturers, Tool Makers, and Injection Molders. This mold base is 100% stainless steel and to the tightest of tolerances. Many sources select this system over Master Unit Dies due to the extreme accuracy and fine craftsmanship.



Mold Maker

  • Prototype or production
  • Reduced mold delivery
  • Pre-engineered
  • Precise A&B alignment accuracy
  • Low mold design and fabrication cost

Injection Molder

  • Reduced mold cost up to 30%
  • 10 minute mold change-over
  • Reusable mold base
  • High precision
  • Standardization

OEM Device MFG

  • Vertically expandable
  • Standardization
  • Low cost / Speed to market
  • Prototyping through high volume production
  • Perfect for common shaped parts that vary in size

Are you looking for ways to do more with less?

Download our Guide: Modular Molds Contribute to Lean Manufacturing Success
  • Shorten Time to Production
  • Decrease Costs
  • Compress Mold Change-over Times



Round Mate® was invented, developed and patented in 1987 to address the increasing requirements for quicker, economical molds.

At that time, Pleasant Precision, Inc. began building a pre-machined ‘modular’ base with integrated circular water cooling jacket and ejection system with goals to decrease time in design and production while maintaining the highest quality mold making standards.

This first system was a success. It not only accomplished all of the first goals as well as lowered tooling cost, shortened delivery time and reduced press change over time to just 10 minutes. In the first three years following its introduction, Round Mate®, only sold nine systems. In the following two years Round Mate® sold over 40 systems and started an overseas sales representation.

From our USA headquarters in Kenton, Ohio, we have become a world renowned leader in interchangeable insert, a modular molding systems which is now utilized in several countries such as Australia, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Ireland, India, Israel and Japan.

From our humble idea in 1987, Round Mate® has evolved far beyond the basic single position master frame and insert Sets. Round Mate® continues to offer a single position frame, as well as two and four position frames, EX series, three plate, unscrewing frames and System 2. We have accomplished all of this while preserving our 26 year history of maintaining the highest quality standards. We invite you to look through the product line and engineering sections of our site to see what we can help you to accomplish.