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Pleasant Precision, Inc.

Pleasant Precision, Inc. (PPI) operates from a 54,000-square-foot state-of-the-art mold manufacturing and molding facility. We provide a wide range of services including mold design & mold manufacturing, thermoplastic injection molding, plastic extrusion, and many secondary operations. We provide medical device manufacturers, automotive tier 1 & 2, and a wide range of industrial and consumer customers.

Our innovative group of skilled engineers and critical thinkers has provided many solutions to the plastics industry. PPI can provide a tool maker with a pre-engineered modular molding system known as Round Mate® that will greatly reduce cost, design and mold manufacturing lead times, and complexity. In the same vein, the Round Mate® system can be provided to the Custom Molder or OEM, complete with cavity and core detail, allowing them to have increased production flexibility, 10 minute mold changes, and standardization across their facility.

The diversity of Pleasant Precision, Inc. provides PPI with a shared knowledge of mold making, part design, and injection molding. By having these associated capabilities, PPI can provide a significantly more robust product in all areas.

We design and manufacture injection molds that work for injection molders. We utilize our highly skilled tool making technology to enhance our injection molded product quality manufactured in our class 100,000 cleanroom.

Our team at PPI is transforming our ability to “focus”. Through a desire to continually improve our processes, our systems, our quality, our delivery and our customer service, we are striving to develop our teamwork into an environment driven by the “Theory of Constraints”. Through TOC we will evolve new simplified management system improvements.

At Pleasant Precision, we have created a culture of family values and pride in what we do as a company. Every team member at Pleasant Precision is dedicated to our mission of collaborating with customers to offer the best of their experience and expertise to create the best manufacturing solutions available with today’s technology.

Pleasant Precision: Timeline

Ron began his apprenticeship in the mold making trade in 1969 and worked for 8 years for Kenton Tool & Die in Kenton, Ohio. There he gained experience and expertise in mold making, but learned the injection molding process as well. Using his skilled craftsmanship and business acumen, Ron started PPI, a family-owned and operated business that has become known for its state-of-the-art precision injection molds and molding. With a staff of talented and creative mold designers, machinists, tool makers and injection molding processing technicians, PPI has gained a reputation for quality, precision, and innovative solutions. Using the latest machine tool, software and molding machinery technology gives PPI the ability to meet customer requirements for reduced costs to manufacture and higher productivity.

Our innovative proprietary patented product, Round Mate® shows how Pleasant Precision’s skilled staff, led by Ron Pleasant’s innovative outside-the-box thinking, has put Pleasant Precision on the leading edge of mold manufacturers in North America.