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Engineering Data

Streamline your production and tool manufacturing processes with our helpful engineering data and advice. The design guides below are technical engineering data provided to assist in designing the Round Mate® System. Please call 800-860-3974 if additional assistance is required.

Round Mate® Overview

1-RM-Overview-1000pxAn overview on the vast array of solutions that can be accomplished using the Round Mate® system and to provide you with tangible cost justification for how Round Mate® can improve your bottom line in both mold making and molding.

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Round Mate® Mold Makers Guide

1-RM-Mold-Makers-Guide-1000pxThis guide is used to assist the mold maker in grinding our round inserts, installing support pillars, installing water dams, adding core retainer plates and setting up the correct stack heights to the required qualifications for single position and multi-position insert series.

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System 2 Guide

1-System-2-Guide-1000pxDoes your part design require more space, does your mold maker prefer to work on rectangular pieces of steel, and does your part require slides? These are only a few of the reasons we want to introduce you to our Systems 2. The master frame retains all of the features of our round series – inserts change from the face of the frame, water jackets are coated for rust resistance, all stainless steel mold plates and more.

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Three Plate Overview

1-three-plate-overview-1000pxThe most requested option to Round Mate® systems was for a quick change three plate system. Round Mate® has listened and delivered! We have engineered our three plate system to easily replace the fixed half of your existing master frame. The choice is yours; purchase a complete new three plate frame or only the fixed half to add to an existing frame.

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Part Layout

1-Part-Layout-1000pxIn the center, arrayed, rectangular, side-by-side, in the solid or in cavity inserts Round Mate® can handle any of your desired cavity placements. Round Mate’s® unique round shape lends perfectly for interlocking parting lines and extra height inserts are in stock to accommodate taller parts.

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Temperature Control

1-Temperature-Control-1000pxThe patented water jacket design allows for uniform temperature control through the entire insert which eliminates hot or cold spots. Additional plates can be added to the insert set to further enhance the control flexibility. An optional manifold plate can be added to the master frame to provide direct core pin cooling. Round Mate® offers a patented fluid turbulation water baffle that installs easily into a drilled hole and snaps into location.

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Ejection Methods

1-ejecton-methods-1000pxNo matter your design intent for part removal, Round Mate® can adapt. Ejector pins, ejector sleeves, delayed ejection, accelerated cores, stripper disc and single or double stripper plates can all be implemented into the Round Mate® system.

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Runner and Gating

1-runner-and-gate-2-1000pxAny gating method that can be used in standard mold making can be achieved. Parting line runner to a sub or tab gate, hot sprue bushing, center sprue, multiple gated part and hot manifold systems are just a few of the ways parts can be gated. Round Mate® also offers a three plate system that allows the gate drop to be in line with the press sprue.

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Mold Actions

1-mold-actions-1000pxGrooves, snaps, threads, latches and other types of undercuts can easily be handled by the Round Mate® system. Best of all, these can all be accomplished while maintain the industry leading 10 minute mold change overs.

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Unscrewing Overview

1-unscrewing-1-1000pxUnscrewing molds are complicated, but they don’t have to be. Our unique round inserts make unscrewing molds simple. A rotating ring gear around our inserts allows the designer the flexibility to drive the cores by either a direct gear drive or by idler gears. This arrangement allows for infinite design flexibility. Our system also incorporates air return on the cores which helps to prevent damage to the last thread when the core releases from the part. It is available with either a hydraulic or electric motor.

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Custom Options

1-Custom-Options-1000pxRound Mate® can adapt to multiple needs and applications. This section provides initial designs for Round Mate® single and dual unscrewing, various heated insert combinations, multiple stripper plate options, valve gating diagrams, hot bushings, and 2 position master frame configurations. Round Mate® is a dynamic modular mold system.

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Maintenance and Insert Installation

DSC_0223-1160pxRound Mate® master frames and inserts are completely manufactured in our state of the art facilities in the United States of America. This insures that they are finely crafted, from the highest quality materials and are machined to extremely tight tolerances. Great care has been taken to insure these products provide you with many years of trouble free service and this guide will give you some proactive suggestions you can take to insure your investment stays in perfect working condition.

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CAD Data

Please contact Pleasant Precision, Inc. for additional CAD data for designing in the Round Mate® System. Please call 800-860-3974 if additional assistance is required.  Ask for Engineering x117.

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